The Bunny Shed
The Cameras are currently:

Welcome to the live, infra-red bunny cams! Currently there are three cameras available. To view a live picture, simply click on one of the images below:

Note: The images on this page are static. To view a live image you need to click on them to open the cam in a new window. This is done to conserve bandwidth. It is perfectly possible to have all three cameras open at once, but I would ask you to try and close any that you aren't interested in. Just one camera being viewed by one person generates about 10 Gigabytes a month of traffic!!

Camera 1
Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 2
Camera 3
Camera 3

Frequently Asked Questions about the bunny cams

I clicked on the image, but nothing has happened. Where are the live cams?

The live cams appear in seperate popup windows. It's likely that you have something blocking you popups (adverts usually appear in popups so many browsers have options to stop this). They also currently need Javascript enabled. If you are running Internet Explorer 6 with XP Service Pack 2, Mozilla, or Firefox, then you should see a coloured bar at the top of the page telling you that a popup or "Active Content" was blocked. You can click on this to allow the popup. No doubt other browsers also have options to allow popups but I'm afraid I don't where offhand.

If you don't know how to enable popups and javascript, or are using a browser at work that has been locked down, then you can use the following links for Camera 1, Camera 2 and Camera 3 instead.

Why can't I see any bunnies?

Presuming you are looking at a live cam, and not just the static images on this page, then there could be several reasons:

Why are the cameras "Offline"?

I have an ADSL connection which means I only have 25KB/sec upload capacity, which the cameras easily max out. If I need that capacity for other things (eg work, p2p etc) then I will turn the cameras offline.

So when is the best time to see them?

Why do the bun's eyes look so wierd?

Remember that you are seeing an infra-red image. In reality it is pitch black inside the shed, so the bun's pupils are wide open, and they reflect the infra-red light from the camera very nicely!

Why are the cameras black and white?

Again due to it being an infra-red image. The cameras do have colour capability, but it is usually so dark inside the shed even in the daytime that they never switch over. Even when they do switch, the infra-red light from the sun tends to wash out the colours somewhat.

Where exactly are the cameras situated?

Take a look at The Shed page to see the layout of the hutch and cameras.

Why are the camera images so fuzzy / blurred / bad?

There are many reasons for this. Primarily the amount of compression I am having to introduce in order to fit the images into my upstream bandwidth. On top of this though there are a few other reasons:

Why do the cameras update so slowly? I thought they were going to be streaming?

Until the advent of IPv6 and multicasting for the masses, streaming is simply not an option. My home network uses about 50KB/sec to stream one camera as MPEG4. That is twice my available upload bandwidth. It would be feasible to reduce the quality and get a single stream out, but that would enable just one person to see one camera at a time.

I have had some thoughts of writing some software to maybe get around this using a p2p model where each user uploads the stream for the next person, but in all honesty I doubt I will ever get around to writing this. Even then I'd only be able to stream one camera.

Some hosting companies have push/pull services where you upload the stream to them, and then their server pushes it out to however many clients need it. The drawback to this is it costs a whole lotta moneytm (which I don't have!)

Hopefully I'll be making some improvements to my software which should push the framerate up slightly, but I'm primarily constrained by the speed of my host's FTP server.

The cameras are "Online" but they are not updating!

Firstly make sure you have javascript enabled, but this will probably be due to teething troubles, or me faffing about with the software. Hopefully this will improve as I make the software more robust (It's very cobbled together at the moment). I am also having occasional problems with my router locking up, but hopefully a firmware upgrade will sort this (fingers crossed).

I also plan to make the "online" status more intuitive when I get 5 mins. Currently it does no checks to make sure the images are actually being uploaded.